Travel Essay – Creating Excitement Over Your Holiday

A travel essay about your exciting holiday to one of the most exotic locations by the sea would be a good place to start, as you would be highly motivated to write about your experiences. It should not be surprising that you would remember all the intricate details and would be able to describe them pictorially. The excitement rubs on to readers, which is why an essay written about personal experiences while traveling would be a good travel essay. The information you share would be first hand, fresh, and full of action. Readers would be most willing to read further.

Identifying yourself with the place you have traveled is important to readers. You have to present the reasons why you opted for the holiday. Readers feel the need to identify with a place before deciding to go there on a holiday. The reason you chose would have been deliberated with family or friends. You have therefore made an informed decision about the merits of traveling to the place. Convey this information to readers. Many of them would have a similar frame of mind when selecting a holiday and would appreciate such useful information.

A dull repetitive description would be available at websites over the internet, which could be accessed easily. This is not the sort of information readers are looking for. They would like to know your personal experience while on holiday. Essay writers and proofreaders make a list of all the exciting events they experienced and give a first-hand report on them. They avoid missing out the simple fun things. Every little detail helps in creating excitement when reading, especially reading the world hunger essay.

Attempt to write short essays. Try and cover all the details in an essay that is less than 500 words. A travel essay would include details about an incident or event you experienced. If you get carried away and mention boring details, readers would not hesitate to miss out on those details. A long essay would not be able to sustain a reader’s attention for too long. Instead, use bullet points to highlight each point you want to make.

The thesis statement you introduce at the start of the essay is the most important statement that would attract readers. It would reflect how you would select essay topics. For example, you could write a global warming essay to highlight personal travel logs to a location in South Brazil where the temperatures are always moderate. In this case, you personally saw a dengue fever outbreak in the region directly connecting it to rising temperature attributed to the phenomenon of global warming. The details you provide would be on great interest to readers even though the phenomenon is widely known.

A visit to a friend living in a remote place would present the opportunity to write a culture or world bank competition essay. The travel essay could offer first-hand information of little-known habits and rituals that people living there would be practicing. Readers would like to know such details. It would definitely please you to know that many would consider traveling to such locations rather than go on a predictable organized tour. The next time you visit a new place, make a point to jot down your experiences. A travel essay based on such valuable information would find many readers.

Adam Gordon

November 13, 2009


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