The Way I Write My Essay

I learned in school, as everyone else, to write my essay on a given topic. It starts with simple personal essay topics like “Write 10 Sentences About My School.” As we progress through to higher classes, the GCSE format comes into play. The essays that are now written follow a pattern regulated by standards set within the curriculum. It becomes important to adapt to standards set by the school and in time it becomes a habit. Through my school and college days, I have developed my style of writing which includes following certain basic guidelines. It has never failed me, and I have listed them down with the hope that it might be useful for budding essay writers.

1.     The title and the first line is probably the most important part of your essay or statement of purpose essay. The title is what readers would first come across. It has to be compelling and should immediately draw the attention of readers. What I have learned to do is refer to several headlines. I then compiled different headlines for different topics into a word file for ready reference. There are several actions words I have found repeated in many titles. These have been found to attract readers. Some very effective headlines use the words “Proven”  “How To” and “Discover.”  For example, a headline like “How To Write An Essay” would immediately generate interest among readers who want to learn how to write an essay.

2.     I always decide on the number of words and paragraphs well in advance. To do this right, I have ready templates formatted as per the essay topic. If I have to write a descriptive essay, I would write around 500 to 700 words and use around do it in six to seven paragraphs. The format would change as per instructions I receive, or I would follow essay writers on the internet. These writers have vast experience writing about varied topics. I would check out a few topics and follow the one I like the most.

3.     An education essay is written for a limited audience, but is usually assessed for marks. To write a really good essay on Truman show for example, I would search the internet for the exact topic given to me. There would be several sites that would list out essays. Carefully going through several essays, I would note down points and other reference points. Using this in my essay would then be easy. I would take care to write within my limitations. Through a period of time, I have developed my own style of writing that is unique. For example, my tutors could recognize my essay on any topic from the style of writing. This enables me to write fluidly and fast.

4.     Before taking up an essay, I prepare myself with an essay plan. For example, for a physics essay, I would revise my theory and study applicable formula on the topics. Next, I would get reference material, charts, drawings, and tables. Once I have assembled all the reference material and other inputs, I start writing my essay. This saves me time and the logic applied throughout the essay remains consistent.

These are some of guidelines I follow when I have to write my essay.

Adam Gordon

October 7, 2009


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