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How To Write And What To Include In An Abortion Essay

Before writing an abortion essay, you must first of all be armed with sufficient information related to this topic. There are piles of useful sources of relevant information at the network. They will surely be helpful as you go about writing your abortion or accounting essay. A few ideas can also be borrowed from an adolescent essay. It is explained there how the abortion issue arises and that is how the adolescent essay is related to this topic. So, there are explanations on teenagers’ attraction to the opposite sex, their engagement in premarital sex and then opting for abortion to get rid of the unwanted pregnancy.

In an abortion essay, it is advisable not to indicate, which side the author is on, because this social topic is a very controversial one. Politicians even use it in their campaign strategies, claiming to support or ban it, depending on what the voters prefer.

Being previously seen as a moral issue, the abortion topic has become a constitutional one nowadays. The debates on it are always heated; whether it should be legalized or not, at what instances should it be carried out and so forth. So, taking sides in this kind of essays can make people of the opposite opinion simply reject your work. Moreover, the purpose of the essay is not to criticize or praise the act of abortion itself but to provide information and the relevant facts on the topic just like any other academic or admission essay should do.

The commonly known definition is that abortion is the process of deliberate killing of an unborn baby (foetus). From that definition, it becomes easy to note why there are so many debates on the topic. So, in this essay the author is to investigate the possible reasons behind the killing of an unborn child as well as the circumstances, which forced the woman to terminate the pregnancy.

It is also vital to note that some abortions are not the will of the woman. Some may be forced e.g. when a teenage girl conceives and the parents force her to abort so that she can continue with her schooling and avoid becoming a teenage mother.

As you continue your essay writing process, take into account that there are often hot and rather biased discussions in mass media on the examples of situations, mentioned above. So, what should the public attitude towards abortion be and which of these examples should be considered to be exceptions to that attitude?

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There is also a very sensitive issue of legality as some states do not allow for abortion to be carried out; some consider it a serious offense and it’s actually punishable by prison sentence if not worse. That is why in states where abortion is not allowed, there are activists pleading for exceptions to the general rule in some special cases when abortion is necessary due to the medical situation. Such cases, which are very common by the way, include a situation where the life of the mother is at risk. The woman may not have sufficient space in the womb to accommodate the foetus and as it develops and enlarges, it may cause risk of rapture and the woman may die. Luckily thanks to advancement in medicine technology, the doctors are able to detect this way before it happens provided the woman goes to hospital for frequent checkups after conceiving.

Looking through the arguments of this essay, it’s clear that the topic is somewhat similar to an argumentative essay; as you weigh the advantages and disadvantages of whether to legalize abortion or to ban it.

Other situations, which may be considered exceptions and thus are to be discussed in the abortion essay, include pregnancy after rape and incest.

There are actually many issues on abortion and they are quite controversial but it all depends on how one looks at it. Some activists reason that abortion should be legalized so that it can be carried out openly, hygienically with all medical requirements and safety. They say this because in places, where abortion is illegal, it continues to be carried out but in a very unhealthy and unhygienic manner that later on causes complications. There have been cases where a woman died while aborting or the womb was torn such that they can not conceive again.

Remember also to outline the various processes, which take place during the execution of an abortion e.g. taking pills, undergoing vacuuming etc. With sufficient facts that this topic needs, it is possible to compose an educative abortion essay. Samples of essays on this topic can be obtained at Custom-Writing.co.uk.

Daisy Nail

September 29, 2016


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