Critical Marketing Dissertation Topics for Students

Thought-provoking dissertation themes inspire learners to undertake in-depth studies on the phenomenon of interest. If you are pursuing a postgraduate course in this field, you have the opportunity to find a list of topics and ideas that can help you jumpstart your dissertation.

The field of marketing is broad and diverse. There are hundreds, if not thousands of topics in this field that you can base your dissertation writing on. The list below highlights some of the subjects that you can research for your upcoming dissertation.

  • Social media marketing – The subject is concerned with the use of social media platforms to drive sales, website traffic, or build a brand.
  • Online marketing – The subject explores the art of using web-based channels to promote products or services.
  • Marketing ethics – This subject explores the values and morals of marketing communication.
  • Marketing cultures– The subject is concerned with the organic methods for giving marketing strategies a human face.

These topics represent just a few ideas of the subjects you can explore in your dissertation. Surf through the internet for more interesting areas in this field. You might get a good idea worth exploring in your upcoming dissertation.

Essential Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics Ideas

The increased growth of the Internet has made digital marketing a feasible concept. There are numerous subjects or topics that students can research in this field. The topics listed below are some of the most interesting dissertation topics in this field.

  • Search engine optimization – search engine accounts for approximately 90% of online business. Exploring the role of search engine optimization in this filed is, therefore, an interesting dissertation topic.
  • Pay per click advertising – A significant portion of the field involves social media and search engine ads. Writing a dissertation on this concept can boost your knowledge of this field.
  • Social media management – Most brands today have shifted their campaigns and public relations to online channels. Researching the best strategies for managing social media accounts can increase your skills in this field.

This is not all; search for more topics online. There are numerous ideas that can help you formulate a good topic for your dissertation. Ensure you are conversant with the topic you pick for your dissertation.

Marketing Dissertation Titles that You Can Use in Your Paper

The list of titles that you can use to write your marketing dissertation is endless. Having an in-depth knowledge of this field can help you generate a long list of titles that you can use in your marketing dissertations. The list below represents some of the most common titles that you use to write your dissertation.

  • Impact of online and direct marketing mediums on the theories of direct marketing
  • Effect of cultures on the modern aspects of digital marketing techniques
  • Consumer Espionage: To what extent are mobile apps tracking their subscribers?

Check our site for more suggestions. The list of ideas is endless. It is important to select a topic that is extensively covered by other researchers to avoid getting stuck midway with your dissertation.

Tips for Writing Marketing Dissertations

Writing quality dissertation papers is one of the major requirements that students have to fulfil. The following tips provide a guideline for developing quality marketing dissertation topics.

  • Pick fresh, narrow, and interesting topics.
  • Concentrate on a specific consumer base.
  • Carry out in-depth demographic research of the research participants.
  • Provide personal recommendations at the end of the dissertation.

Using these tips has the potential to help you develop a well-rounded dissertation. Remember getting it right with your topic is the first step in dissertation writing. A poorly thought out topic may hamper you from generating a captivating dissertation.

50 Marketing Dissertation Ideas for You

There are numerous topic ideas that you can work on to develop a good dissertation. Here are some 50 ideas that can help you jumpstart your forthcoming dissertation.

Strategies for building a resilient and sustainable brand image:

  1. Understanding and popularizing the brand identity
  2. Strategies for branching out your business or company
  3. Strategies for promoting impulse buying
  4. Strategies employed by major eCommerce giants to penetrate the market
  5. Correlation between international presence and the health of brand image
  6. Impact of the Internet on the advertisements.
  7. Effect of filtering on product promotion
  8. Use of private data in developing personalized product promotion campaigns
  9. Effect of social media on consumer privacy
  10. Is social media more persuasive than word of mouth?
  11. Is it ethical for companies to rig their reviews to attract more customers?
  12. Are consumers now more aware of marketing gimmicks than before?
  13. The advent of technology has made consumers more susceptible to marketing gimmicks.
  14. Do you agree with this observation?
  15. How does the lack of resources affect the marketing strategies of companies?
  16. How has the Internet impacted the cost of promoting products and services and the competitiveness of startups?
  17. What technological advances have led to flourishing marketing techniques?
  18. Do you believe face to face communication is still a relevant marketing technique?
  19. Where do you see the future of the advertising industry in the next 30 or so years?
  20. Impact of advertising on consumer behaviour
  21. Do consumers have a full perspective of brand values?
  22. Impact of corporate social responsibility on brand equity
  23. Strategies for communicating brand image in mobile marketing environments
  24. Techniques used by consumers to safeguard themselves against the effect of underhand marketing strategies.
  25. How do banks and other financial institutions vary their product offering based on the social class of their customers?
  26. Impact of social media on the consumption patterns of consumers
  27. Role of deep learning in promoting online functional advertisements
  28. Strategies for promoting offline and online shopping
  29. What are the main features of comparison advertising?
  30. What factors lead to the adoption of comparison advertising?
  31. How do the attributes of products influence the online decision-making processes of consumers?
  32. What lessons can be learned from the failure of word of mouth as a tool of advertisement?
  33. Impact of family orientation on marketing communication
  34. What factors promote the use of direct selling?
  35. What strategies can be used to standardize global marketing?
  36. Do Western advertisement strategies work in Eastern world?
  37. Does branding work?
  38. Strategies for improving marketing relationships with different categories
  39. Is an online advertisement efficient?
  40. What factors affect the competitiveness of advertisements?
  41. How does advertisement affect the sales of a product?
  42. Why do companies create a social media page for each brand?
  43. What makes a video advertisement effective?
  44. How are the effects of gender stereotyping in advertisements addressed
  45. What unconventional advertising strategies are common today?
  46. Should celebrities be accountable for the negative effect of advertising gimmicks they participate in?
  47. What factors cause two similar products different market popularity?
  48. How effective is an online market? A case study.
  49. What is the cumulative effect on an online advertisement on business strategy?
  50. Is online marketing the future of business?

These topic ideas have the potential to help you develop a dissertation that is both informative and insightful. Select a topic that is interesting to you and decide on what to cover in your dissertation. Ensure to formulate a topic that is interesting to you and the audience.

Dissertation Topics in marketing that You Should Explore

The volatility of the business environment has a significant effect on marketing strategies. The effectiveness of the strategies employed by companies depends on their adaptability to the changing situations. The increase in popularity of data analytics in businesses makes it a field worth exploring. Students should consider using their research skills to explore the feasibility of using data analytics in this field. There are plenty of ideas in this field that students can use to develop dissertation topics.

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November 28, 2019


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