A Discussion On Marketing Dissertation Topics

Marketing dissertation topics play a very important role in understanding growth in business. Marketers develop various strategies and plans to start, promote, grow, and establish their business. You will need to acquire knowledge on several different topics before you successfully gain marketing expertise and take a big step towards a management degree.

The approach to a marketing dissertation or math coursework should be modern and in keeping with the times. Keep track of the latest techniques and models being used in business. Geographic limitations have been removed with the advent of internet marketing, which is one of the fastest growing fields. Let us discuss some marketing dissertation topics that you can take up.

Internet Marketing: As mentioned earlier, marketing has advanced leaps and bounds over the past few years, and international business without physical presence is no more a distant dream. You can easily promote any product or service over the internet using copy-writing and content management skills. You can own intellectual property that is recognized to be yours by law. Nearly every business, small and big, has a website to promote their products and services. This has become an essential part of sales and promotion. A very good topic would be the start and implementation of a promotional drive to establish a new product. You would gain confidence going through a real-time promotional exercise.

Affiliate Marketing: It is quite easy to understand that if you promote a product yourself, there are limitations in terms of the time you could devote, geographical barriers, cost, and maintaining staff. If you decide to have an affiliate program, the same product would be marketed by several hundreds or even thousands of people who work for a percentage of the profits. The commissions could easily be planned and incorporated into the costing of a product. The dissertation methodology would include project plans, models, cost, time, and estimates before you actually start the project.

Traditional Marketing: Business is all about people who like to experience a product or service before they decide on buying it. Dissertation topics using traditional means of marketing could be sending out postcards, promotions at malls and retail outlets, forming franchises, using television, radio, and hoardings to create brand awareness, among other techniques. If you were writing an MBA or legal essay, you could be involved in each aspect to gain practical experience.

Surveys: This is a very effective way of gathering historical data. Before starting a marketing assignment, conduct a survey. Find out what people need and want in a product such as yours. This is a sure shot way to success. Once you have established the needs of customers, you have a winner if you can fulfill the needs and offer more value. In many cases, along with a brand awareness program, a survey is conducted at the same time to analyze customer response. You would save a lot of time and money if this is done properly.

There could be many essay topics you could choose. In fact, you may come across many new techniques and business models offering you new, untapped marketing dissertation topics.