What Do You Do, if You Accidentally Deleted Text from an Essay?

Accidentally deleted essay might drive a sensitive student crazy. You’ve been huffing and puffing over this 200-word assignment a couple of evenings, sacrificing personal time and nerve cells. But a wild glitch of power shutdown caused Windows to restart and either delete a large chunk of your work or the entire document, in the worst-case scenario.

You’ll be surprised to find out how often students call us and say something like: “I accidentally deleted my essay how do I get it back?” First and foremost, we kindly ask such clients to calm down and check if there’s any backup of the file. If not, your system might’ve lost the file for good! However, a paper deleted accidentally (or intentionally?) doesn’t mean the world must stop spinning and just explode. Nerve cells don’t restore, right, but Custom-Writing.co.uk knows one way to get your essay back, sometimes in even better shape than before.

I just deleted my college essay…

Had to do Windows restart, it deleted my essay, now I feel dead inside.” Please don’t be, life moves on, and now you have to come up with a legitimate solution to the case. On our company behalf, we would be glad to offer you plagiarism-free aid with writing a new paper from scratch. Give us 5 hours, and we’ll present you with a new, authentic manuscript done according to all of your task instructions.

Yeah, it might not be the full-fledged compensation for your recently lost paper, but hey – you have to think of some solid solution ASAP! Your essay got deleted, that’s true, but a professor still waits for a top-notch assignment done in time. Will you cry over the situation or calm down, pluck up the courage and do what’s right for your academic performance?

If there’s still time to do your essay off the top of your head, do it. But most often than not, students tend to operate on tight schedules, so chances are high there’s no time left for you to prepare another piece similar to the one lost. What to do then? Custom-Writing.co.uk is available 24/7 round-the-clock. We’ll help you meet the deadline and turn in a consistent paper a professor will appreciate.

I just typed an entire essay and Microsoft Word deleted it

Is there any way to retrieve a deleted essay? Here’re a couple of hints you will find most useful.

  • Save the document often
  • Enable the autosaving option
  • Keep a copy of your work on a flash drive
  • Store your data in a cloud storage (OneDrive, Google Drive, iCloud, )
  • Get a UPS to secure yourself from power spikes and energy shutdowns
  • Get OS software updates often to avoid sudden system failures and force restarts

Here’s the feedback from one of our customers who had the same problem as you:

Two days ago I just deleted my essay, I’m not good with computers. Since tomorrow was the deadline, I literally was unable to write one more assignment as I’ve accidentally deleted my essay. I thought it was the end of the world, but my friend told me about www.custom-writing.co.uk. I approached this website with an urgent paper to be done really fast, and the result just impressed me. Cost me a quite a lot, but the outcome was worth the hassle.

Daisy Nail

April 11, 2017


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