Annotated Bibliography Essay

An annotated bibliography essay should be a descriptive explanation of how references are listed out in a bibliography along with the date of its publication. An annotated bibliography would incorporate complete details of reference. An APA style essay includes a list of references listed alphabetically with an author’s last name cited within the text. The bibliography would elaborate on the citation including other sources and can also include annotated descriptions. In other words, an annotated bibliography includes a summary of all the sources listed in the text. It becomes necessary to explain some citations better with the help of annotations.

Annotations help in briefly describing the source of reference. There are many ways to do it. One can summarize the source by relating the viewpoints mentioned on the topic under discussion. It can elaborate on further topics to be covered beyond the scope of the essay. A reader has to understand why you chose the source of reference. It should be related to the topic and should clearly indicate the reason for choosing it. While going about choosing the source, writers would have to evaluate in what way it would help by using it. This should be done in context to several sources selected. Care should be taken that the sources are all reliable and authentic. Just using a reference would not help in clarifying a viewpoint. A writer needs to analyze the source and connect with the thesis statement throughout the essay. In other words, the reference should be logical in context to other references used in the same annotated bibliography essay.

It is necessary to understand and implement the guidelines listed out for various writing styles. For example, the APA writing style would allow annotations in the form of a paragraph. The length would depend on the reasons for using it. Basically, the logic should be to inform readers in detail about the source of reference. Literally, this would mean that an annotated bibliography is established by using a particular formation where a citation precedes an annotation. An annotation is just a note that is attached to a bibliography entry. It is a brief description of the topic or publication that is being referred to. It is mandatory for all academic writing to include a bibliography as the end in some form. One can buy a cheap minimum wage essay for example to get detailed information on this style of writing.

An annotated bibliography is absolutely necessary while preparing for a research assignment. The purpose of writing annotations becomes clearer. It literally compels you to study the reference source in great detail before using citations. This helps in getting relevant information on the topic that is probably not available via a text book or other study material. An analytical mindset is generated, and one learns to sort out information at the source level. Comparison with a known and reliable source helps analyzing self capabilities in writing a custom essay.

The thesis statement generates interest among readers. The argument is supported by using reference material. An annotation forces a researcher to establish the right connection between the two. If the logic is not right, the annotation would demonstrate a lack of clarity in the essay. One can read the argument placed in the essay, make a note of the citation, and check if the annotation fills in the void left by an incomplete citation. The annotated bibliography essay should in every way help other researchers easily refer to annotated bibliographies and gather all relevant information that is being said about the topic.