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Coming up with Controversial Argumentative Essay ideas will Set the Stage for highly Interesting Essays

Among the different types of writing, writing of Argumentative essays is enjoyed by those holding strong beliefs on certain topic areas.  To write a good essay of this category, one must have a good Argumentative essay idea and can use 5-paragraph essay format for this. To come up with such an idea, the student must apply few criteria that will make for effective essay writing.  If the considered topic meets a number of these criteria, then it should definitely be suited to write an argumentative essay.

The first question to ask is whether the essay topic or the idea has many opposing views. This will be the basis on which the argument can take place. A truism therefore cannot be argued upon. Similar to controversial essay topics, the argument essay topics too depend on whether the topic is current or outdated for its effectiveness.  A good topic should have ample accessible information that can be cited to prove and validate the writer’s stance on the topic. Without this, an argumentative essay will lack the punch it is suppose to carry and the credibility of the position the writer is taking.

While some students may find it hard to come up with interesting argumentative essay ideas, there are plenty of them related to various fields. Here are few examples:

  • With the onset of Internet era, and rapid growth of telecommunication, employees can now telecommute to work. This combined with online work opportunities will revolutionize the work place in the coming decades. Is Telecommuting a better option than traditional mode of attending to employment?
  • Can media truly influence an individual to change their core values or is the impact superficial and short lived?
  • Racial profiling in crime prevention is a common practice. Is it wrong or right?
  • Should animal testing should be substituted by cloned humans in medical and scientific experiments?
  • Is child labour really a crime, given the economic relief it brings to the child and the family?

As evident, argumentative essay topics like chemistry extended essay are certainly containing two sides to the story. It is not always a requirement for students to take a stand that majority supports. For instance, a student may argue that environmentalists are taking it too far when they pressurize people to use public transportation given the high emissions from automobiles. This is a good essay idea for an argumentative environmental pollution essay. However, this may not be the stance most students be taking and allow your essay to gain better attention. After all, the essays for coursework are marked for its effectiveness in writing and not for the writer’s own ideas and values.

Argumentative essays are complex writings which will put most students in to difficulty. The need for extensive search for evidence to support the argument will tax the student’s precious time. It will also stress the student if they are not able to identify a good argumentative topic idea.  If you too are facing such dilemma, waste no more time. Enlist essay writing help from We are renowned for versatility of our writing services with over 10,000 registered active writers in our panel. Whether you need a technology essay, a law essay, an accounting essay or any other, each of our writers hold expertise in different study disciplines, allowing the to provide outstanding work to the customers. The’s success firmly hinges upon the core values of dedication, originality and reliability. This is why we make promises that we aim to keep.

Daisy Nail

September 30, 2016


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