Review Of A Tragedy Through A Blood Brothers Essay

A Blood Brothers essay based on Willy Russell’s musical by the same name has been one of the most popular British musicals. The story is about twin brothers who are separated at birth being born in poverty and how they are reunited at different times. There is a distinct difference in the living standards experienced by the rich and poor, which should be highlighted in the literature or business essay. Mrs. Johnstone, a poor lady who does menial work for the rich Mrs. Lyons, has to part with her twins Mickey and Eddie. Mrs. Lyons, who is childless, wants to adopt Eddie as her own. She convinces Mrs. Johnstone that it is the right thing to do, who agrees instead of sending one of her kids to welfare.

The Blood Brothers essay or business studies coursework must highlight how superstition plays a big part is making Mrs. Johnstone agree to the fact that the twins should never know they are brothers. Seven years down the line, the twins meet again and become the best of friends. To seal their friendship they mix their blood with each other and become “Blood Brothers.” Mickey has an older brother Sammy and another friend Linda. Mrs. Lyons is worried about their friendship and forces them to separate again by moving the family to the countryside. Life moves on and the twins meet again after 11 long years when Mickey and his mother are forced to leave the house provided by the government. The literature review writing assignment should harp on the fact that she has no choice but is happy to be moving to the same place where she hopes to see Eddie.

Both Eddie and Mickey, now 18 years old, are in love with Linda, who in turn grows up with Mickey and loves him. Their defiant nature leads to their suspension from school. Edward realizes that Linda loves Mickey and makes them realize their love for each other. They spend a night together before Eddie leaves for college. Linda becomes pregnant. Soon they are married and Mickey has to work to sustain his family. He loses his job and meets up with Eddie who offers him money. There is a misunderstanding, and both brothers part in anger. Mickey is now desperate as he had not accepted the money. He agrees to take part in robbery with his brother Sammy.

Tragedy strikes when Sammy shoots and kills a man. Mickey is blamed for the murder and sentenced to serve a seven-year prison term. He is on medication for depression and goes very weak. When he is out of prison, he resents work and Linda seeks help from Eddie. She soon falls in love with him. Mrs. Lyon feels jealous and tells Mickey about Linda and Edward. Mickey loses control and confronts Eddie in a courtroom with a loaded gun. Mrs. Johnstone intervenes and declares that Eddie is his brother. Mickey resents the fact that his brother got everything he always wanted in life. In frustration he shoots Eddie and in turn is shot by the police. The tragedy ends with the twins dying. Ironically, the Blood Brothers assignment would end with the superstition coming true that both would die on the revelation that they are blood brothers.

Adam Gordon

May 24, 2010


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