Writing A Child Labour Essay

A child labour essay can highlight the plight of millions of children around the world that are forced into labour instead of studying and playing at school. Parents have been using children as a source of earning income. It is really sad but true that some families in poor and developing countries have to earn a daily wage in order to feed all members. Old people find it difficult to do manual work, while adults can hardly earn enough to feed others. Children therefore learn to work at an early age. Schooling and writing a cycling essays is not option for them. They follow the footsteps of their parents and start working early. Their children would probably be doing the same, unless they are told of the legal consequences of child labour and their conditions improve for the better. The reasons need to be analyzed in order to prevent children from being exploited. Students can contribute to this worthy cause by drafting community service essays highlighting the plight of children worldwide and suggesting methods to do away with this problem altogether.

There may be different reasons why children need to work. Reasons may vary according to conditions prevalent in different countries. For example, in countries like India, it is customary for children to learn ancestral trade and skills. In areas where automation is not available, the whole family is involved in professions like pottery, farming, sheep and goat rearing. As soon as they are able to work, they receive training from highly skilled artisans and family members. Those who are lucky to have many earning members also get to go to school. A child labour essay can probe into the role played by television in spreading education to remote places.

Statistics and census reports have been built up over the years concerning poverty and legal cases involving child labour. Students must refer to relevant websites, government and research-based resources for up-to-date information on the latest legal amendments or initiatives taken to curb child labour. For example, The International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC) has conducted several detailed surveys in areas where child labour is prevalent. Baseline survey reports were then prepared for different areas. A survey conducted in just three districts in Uganda revealed startling figures. Over 336,000 children between the ages 5 – 17 (35%) were found to be involved in child labor.

Poverty and low social welfare reforms are the main contributing factors in children being employed for economic reasons. The world has taken several steps to curb child labour, though the economic crisis is not helping in implementing reform measures. Students can collect valuable information by following up on the steps taken at The Hague Global Child Labour Conference held on May 10 – 11, 2010. A global action plan has been drafted to achieve a goal of doing away with the worst forms of child labour by 2016. A child labour essay can elaborate on these steps, and students can include their personal statements based on solid research and statistics. It is high time the sensitive issue was tackled by everyone involved in the field of social service. Students can play a positive role in highlighting such issues prevalent in their locality.

Adam Gordon

June 7, 2010


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