Domestic Violence Essay

A domestic violence essay or dissertation proposal can deal with the very sensitive issue of violence against a spouse, children, or family members. It can be connected to abusive behavior in a marriage and other intimate relationships including friends. Domestic violence starts with verbal abuse and can lead to serious repercussions if not curbed. Violence is always associated with hurt and physical signs that can be seen. It is quite common to associate domestic violence with poverty, consumption of alcohol, and tension. Physical or mental disability in some cases can provide the imbalance leading to violence. Many countries of the world have had a lot of tolerance to domestic crime. In countries like India, an ancient custom called “Sati” allowed society to forcibly burn a woman on her husband’s funeral pyre.

The dominant partner is always the aggressor in domestic violence. Very often, they find ways and means to subdue the partner through verbal abuse or violence. It depends on the reasons for abusing a partner. Some give vent to their anger gathered over a period of time not necessarily in connection with the partner. It could be inadequacies in sexual relationships or the urge to hurt or humiliate others just to exercise power over them. Money is an important factor that leads to many incidents of violence. An example of this sort of abuse would be a husband ill treating the wife to extort money, especially if he does not earn enough to support the needs of the household. Domestic violence essays can demonstrate that it begins with expressing frustration over his incapability. It becomes difficult for him to accept his deficiency, which soon takes a violent turn.

Defenseless children are most affected by domestic violence in the house and it’s common topic to write a custom assignment about. They are often abused by the aggressor in the family and other victims who cannot retaliate against the aggressor. They can get hurt badly or even get mentally disturbed by watching violence in the house. Constant fights between husband and wife can lead to children getting a complex, which becomes very difficult to rectify in the long run. Often, they tend to follow elders and demonstrate the same tendencies as they grow. it becomes easier to give into frustrations and exhibit violent behavior. Stress affecting children is not uncommon now that it is so prevalent among elders. Patterns are observed which indicate self confidence getting eroded. Very often, children blame themselves for fights between their parents. A domestic violence essay has nothing in common with admission essay, and would indicate that parents often use stray incidents or deficiencies in children to taunt each other. Children misunderstand and assume that the fight is their fault. Unfortunately, they have no one to turn to. Outside their homes, tendencies to self destruct and extreme lack of self confidence go noticed until it is too late.

Young adults have also succumbed to the pressures put on them at the workplace and among peers. They constantly need to prove themselves. When it does not happen, they lose confidence and indulge in escapism. They take drugs, alcohol, and choose companions with similar problems. They often resort to violence and even accept it as a weakness between partners, which can be indicated in domestic violence essays.

Adam Gordon

April 4, 2010


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