Nursing Essay – Make It Count To Get Admission

A well-written nursing essay could be your gateway to a bright career in nursing. Seeking admission to the tops nursing schools is not an easy task, as you have thousands who would want admission to the same school as you do. There are limited slots offered, and you need something that sets you apart from the rest. A nursing essay could provide you that extra edge. You need to take action to improve your chances of getting admission.

1.      The four-year Bachelor of Nursing (BSN) degree is the target for most nursing students who have been academically good and are ambitious. The minimum qualification is a high school diploma or the GED. The process begins with getting good grades in school. Most students join a community college for additional training before attempting to complete the admission process for a BSN program. This gives them a head start. What really separates them from the rest is the admission essay and narrative essay topics.

2.      The essay, often known as the statement of purpose, reflects the thoughts of a student about a nursing career. It should describe to the assessment panel the reasons for choosing this career and how you plan to use the nursing degree to forward your career. Honesty is the best policy. Stick with your logical reasons for joining. Avoid trying to send messages across by adding fluff and trying to glorify the profession. It is important to note that the assessment committee has gone through so many essays that they can easily detect exaggeration.

3.      Making grammatical or other textual errors is a sign of carelessness. Ensure that you have read through the essay several times before submission. Follow all the instructions while writing the essay or marketing dissertation for example. Refer to a good GCSE science coursework you have excelled in for guidance. Ask your peers or guide to read it and implement good suggestions that may be offered. Another useful approach would be to buy a cheap essay written by professionals over the internet.

4.      Offering voluntary service in a public health program would work in your favor, if you do it before you seek admission to college. Even a part-time job in a similar work environment would indicate your seriousness about the nursing career. The experience needs to be highlighted in a custom essay. You would have gained experience about the nursing profession. More importantly, you would have a feel of the working environment and the necessary skills needed to excel in the profession. Assessors give great important to such initiatives on the part of students.

5.      Along with the nursing essay, you would need a good recommendation letter from teachers who know you. Additional support letters from health care professionals you have worked with, especially those involved in community service, would be useful. This is an important procedure to complete. It would help your cause if you approach these professionals early giving them enough time to use a personalized approach to the recommendation letter.

6.      Make a concerted effort to provide interesting and relevant details in your nursing essay or coursework. Quote role models who have inspired you either while working with them or by reading about them. The assignment need not be dull and full of information that would be available in support documents and certificates. Use simple language and write in your own unique reflecting a caring attitude. A sound preparation would definitely help in getting that coveted nursing admission seat you seek.