Police Essay – A Summary Of Heroes At Your Service

Do you think your police essay could picture a tall, stern-looking police officer in uniform? On sighting them, some people tend to look left and right in anticipation of trouble, while others look up to these officers and check out if they resemble their favorite hero. Any which way you look at it, police officers cannot be ignored. There have been countless examples of heroic deeds these daring policemen perform as part of their daily duties. What makes them take the risk, and how do they keep their morale high? These are questions that need to be answered in a critical essay or written in coursework about the police force.

The criteria for selection to the force would be the first condition that sets these men apart from the rest. On paper, selection would be based on candidates reaching a minimum age, usually 21 years. They would have acquired their high school diploma, a valid driving license, and be in good physical shape. The most important criteria though would be that they do not have a criminal record. All other factors can be assessed during training, but selecting a candidate who is honest and has the highest regard for the country’s judicial system is vital. A healthy environment would breed such heroes who are absolutely necessary for maintaining law and order in these testing times. These characteristics could be highlighted in any law assignment and used for writing Pride and Prejudice essay.

Working conditions vary as per the job profile. Police duty demands a high level of flexibility and adaptation to changed working conditions. It is likely to create stress and fatigue among officers. Getting through a day at the office would seem a very difficult task, but these officers take such problems in their stride. The very nature of their daily duty which might even start and end with a shootout makes them tough mentally. At the same time, the intricacies of law have been drilled into their system. They exercise caution under extreme provocation. They are truly heroes. For example, law dissertation topics could include case studies of officers reporting a burglary or murder in their jurisdiction. The report would typically consist of preliminary reports, statements from witnesses, gathering evidence, and making arrests. The system has been well drilled into the police force.

A child’s interpretation of a hero would often picture a police officer. With television channels telecasting real-life chases and incidents from the police diary, it is inevitable. A hero philosophy essay could be written about the daring acts projected over television. Besides acting tough and strong as the situation demands, we often see officers directing traffic and helping the old cross a street. These are facets demonstrated by the same people in uniform. Maintaining their morale also comes naturally to them.

The judicial system offers every human being a chance to repent. It is in this context that we see officers advising suspects of their constitutional rights while making an arrest. This is part of the system, but a sense of duty and fair play is inherent among these officers. You could probably write umpteen custom essays highlighting the efforts put in by the police force. The world would not be a safe place without these guardians of the law.

Adam Gordon

November 10, 2009


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