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Important Criteria In A Poverty Essay

A poverty essay can bring to light the plight of millions of people below the poverty line. It is sad that in the modern age of technological breakthroughs, people find it difficult to afford food, clothing, and shelter. There are many reasons for it. It was not always like this, and people all over the globe had sufficient food and other essential necessities without having to worry about the future. Let us analyze some of the reasons for the sorry state of affairs, especially in the third-world countries for poverty essay format.

Poverty is directly related to the growth in population. In April 2010, the world population had exceeded 6.8 billion. The earth has only so much to offer in terms of natural resources. The rise in population is damaging the ecological balance of the world. It is predicted that in 2040, the world population would have increased to 9 billion. It would not be the same in the future. Mankind has learned to adjust to dire circumstances, and the time is right for us all to stop the imbalance.

Countries like India present the best opportunity to study the effects. The population explosion has led to serious consequences like decreased per capita food availability and reduced standard of living. Rich in natural resources, India is facing increased pressure on its natural resources like water, land, animals, and forests. This has led to deforestation, increased pollution, and acute shortage of safe drinking water, which can be highlighted in poverty or philosophy essays. The government is doing its very best in trying to solve the issue of irrigation and hydroelectricity by creating awareness among people about the need to preserve natural resources.

There is a direct correlation between hunger and economic growth. Developing countries spend billions trying to develop the standard of living of their population. This does not necessarily translate into eradication of hunger. On the contrary, more people go hungry to bed as the economy grows. This is a serious matter which needs to be addressed urgently. If the level of poverty increases, it indicates that something is not right. It poses a challenge to experts who have the widely held view that economic growth would eradicate poverty and hunger. A poverty dissertation writing can spell out some of the measures taken over a period of time.

Economic growth also creates a new breed of people living under the poverty level. They exist in the slums, travel on congested roads, and drink polluted water. These are people living in the cities under deplorable conditions. Infrastructure projects and corporate growth has led to overcrowding in the cities. People come from remote places where there is no work available or source of income. These people are lured by the urban lifestyle. They decide to brave it out against all odds. The concentration of such poor people living in slums has spread discontentment and poverty. It can have adverse effects on development and the human rights situation. Poverty essays have a role to play in promoting awareness about human rights and the role of society in ensuring equal rights to all.

Adam Gordon

April 5, 2010


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