Racial Profiling Essay

Obtaining Fact to Write a Racial Profiling Essay May be a Challenging Task

Racial profiling is somewhat similar to stereotyping where law enforcement officials are basing their judgements and perceptions of a person’s crime committing propensity based on their race and ethnic origins. Although the modern society wish to appear as upholding equality and devoid of racial discrimination, the practice of racial profiling is seen as a major act of racial discrimination. A racial profiling essay may be written by students pursing Crime prevention, law enforcement, or sociology coursework.

The essay has many prominent issues that can be addressed. While the writer may have strong opinions of the subject matter, the inclusion of them in the essay depends on the type of essay. This is an ideal topic to be written and proofread in a controversial essay fashion. The essay writer can argue against the practice on the basis that the colour of one’s skin cannot implicate a person’s guilt or innocence and that racial profiling is wrong. Good examples can be drawn from finger print requirements at airports from citizens of some countries or the detaining of Muslims in America under the assumption that all Muslims are terrorists. More Black Americans get stopped for traffic crimes and African Americans and Hispanics are suspected for dealing of drugs. Although there are a high percentage of crimes associated with certain races, they are interlinked with other contributing factors such as economic situations, the living environment and disrupted education. However, this does not mean that all African Americans or Hispanics are violent or susceptible to drug and substance abuse. The essay can also address the human rights violations involved and be written similar to a human rights essay. This would then need citing of Acts of laws applicable.

Similarly, a student may opt to support the practice of racial profiling on the premise that it makes law enforcement more effective and that more than the ethicality involved, law enforcement and crime prevention should focus on preventive actions that safeguard many other’s lives. The supporting factors of this essay would be that past statistics indicate a high correlation between race & ethnicity and the propensity to commit crime. It can also be argued that poor economic conditions, life style and low education standards are some of the moderators of this correlation.

A racial profiling essay can be also be written on the psychological impact and consequences of this practice on a person subjected to it. The sense of inferiority and realization of being racially discriminated may result in developing an internal anger and hatred at the entire society. These issues can be included in an opinion essay for the topic.

If choosing an opinion psychology dissertation style, the writer has greater freedom to express their own opinions. They can question the constitution, prejudice etc and write an interesting essay backed by sound evidence. However, finding evidence for racial profiling will not be an easy task. There is little evidence to establish that this is in fact happening. Therefore, students need to be careful and tactful in writing on this topic of controversial nature.

Writing a racial profiling essay is not an easy task, given the complicate issue involved. Given the controversial nature of the subject, there is a need for handling the essay writing diplomatically and with proper evidence to support and convince the point of view being presented. This is why; most students would prefer a professional writer to help them in this task. Custom-writing.co.uk is a reputed company which provides students with authentic and non-plagiarised essay papers of highest standards. Students can receive tips on proposal essay writing on various types of essays or they can enlist the dedicated help of a writer from Custom-writing.co.uk to have their essays custom written. These writers represent various fields of related studies that allow them to provide expert opinion on the subject matter.

Daisy Nail

September 30, 2016


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