The Importance Of A Water Pollution Essay

A water pollution essay would deal with a problem that is affecting effective drinking water solutions from being implemented the world over. Pollution in water can occur due to different reasons but is usually caused by human activities. It can happen when factories discharge pollutants into surface water through pipelines or sewerage system. Air pollution essays would indicate that pollutants from the air can pollute water over a period of time. It is therefore not uncommon to find drinking water resources located away from heavy traffic areas within city limits. The problem has been highlighted, and people are aware of measures and technologies being taken to prevent further damage. Evidence has revealed the extreme danger posed by tankers spilling oil over the surface of the sea. It has seriously affected the ecological balance. Pollutants are also found in rivers and water reservoirs which contain drinking water.

The water pollution essay should attempt to present statistics of drinking water availability. Water has become a commodity, though two thirds of the world is covered with it. It is important to note that the quantum of water has remained the same on the earth for the last two billion years, while the world’s population has crossed 6.8 billion. It is therefore easy to understand that water resources have to be distributed effectively. At the same time, measures have to be taken to prevent water pollution. Nearly two billion people in the world at present do not have access to safe water supply, this topic also covered in many public shows. They have to realize the dangers of consuming polluted water. Governments are helping by keeping tab on pollution levels through laboratories that use water samples to detect pollution. Local marine life can also indicate the level of pollution through changed behavior or growth.

Excess waste heat is sent out into the air from heavy manufacturing units like chemical and pesticide factories. A global warming essay should indicate that the excess heat can pollute the air. These factories also take in good surface water from nearby water bodies, use it as a coolant to reduce the effects of heat in the manufacturing process, and then return hot water back to the surface water. The heated water contains pollutants that affect the receiving surface water. It reduces oxygen levels in the water. Marine life is thus affected adversely.

Chemicals have a tendency to change in composition over a period of time, if left in the same state. It could happen in a reservoir meant to store drinking water. Students attempting an environmental pollution essay and dissertation would note that chemicals used to clean components as well as dry cleaning agents tend to decompose and form hazardous chemicals. The contaminated water then finds its way through ground water into such reservoirs and contaminates the surface water. It is not easy to track the source of ground water pollution. It could originate from anywhere and the contaminated water could travel miles before mixing with surface water. Natural purifiers like clay helps in reducing pollution. Water is our life source. A water pollution essay should teach students that unless people realize their role in stopping pollution, future generations would have to face the consequences of their negligence.

Adam Gordon

June 27, 2010


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